Reincarnation Any ONE?

Message posted to the Grillflame newsgroup on June 18th By Gerald O'Donnell as a response to a student's question about reincarnation   Student's Question: I'm changing the subject line, because you brought up something that is of great interest to me. You said:...

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Chess Any One?

Some of the Rules of the Multi-dimensional Game of Divine Chess called Creation   "There is only One game in Creation, and it is Creation: the game of the One" Puppet of puppeteer? "I" as "you" as "we" as "they" choose! This message was sent in response to a...

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Happy New Year 2002

Dear Friends, I would like to wish you and your loved ones a joyful, peaceful, and prosperous year 2002. May the Force protect you under Its immense wings as the planet is about to experience a roller-coaster ride. Creation is an on-going process. It has no real...

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