Gerald O’Donnell’s Interview with Carl Bradbrook

With important written comments by Gerald O’Donnell

September 16, 2022,

The White Dove and the dark Raven

The White Dove and Its Shadow the dark Raven


We are proud to share an impromptu recent interview of Gerald O’Donnell with Carl Bradbrook:


In this audio conversation, Gerald goes deeply into the main topic from the ONE’s New Year message on January 1, 2022, where the theme was:Love your shadow selves, whom you perceive as evil, as YOUR SELVES, as One, because it is but your Self”, especially in regard to current evermore destabilizing world events and the solutions we can take to evolve and transcend the descent into planetary chaos and oblivion.

Some topics discussed are:

=> The two superposed Matrixes, what are they and what is their role?

=> The encoded story of Lemech למך  (Genesis 4: 19-22) and his two wives (his two areas of operations).

1) Edah עָדָה  (the Garden of witnessing, i.e. Garden of Eden), where the Upper regions of very High-level Creations are being witnessed and operated upon by The One Creator

2) Tzelah צִלָּה  (the level of At-Tzelah  “you are the Shadow” or Atziluth, as the lower area of comparatively shadow selves where Tubal Cain operates and creates cutting tools causing separation between facets and entities and where machines of war shall be developed). This pertains to our world of shadows in which we exist.

=> Why is the legend of the Golem of Prague relevant to a great swath of humans in our Creation? Are these shadow beings made as AI simulations of their Creator or are they true clones of it?

=> the story of the true “Deep state” and why its agents are so elusive and ever-changing? Is it because we are searching for its symptoms instead of its true cause? Why is it so important to understand the underlying mechanisms upon which our type of Creation has been based and why was it Created at all in this manner?

=> How the story of the Shadow Self (and its army of Golems) is playing NOW on the world’s stage in a last but pivotal act.

=> How the “Shadow Self” and the “Global Collective Unconscious Shadow” work and feed on fear.

=> Making practical sense of the January 2022 New Year’s Message from The ONE to us, his children.

=> How fear is a self-generated illusion that can be transcended with consciousness, responsibility, and love.

=> How to face your fears and cause them to dissolve and disappear in a truly innovative fully integrative way spanning all minds, all physical facets, and spiritual levels. And what happens if you don’t face your fears and objects thereof and by tendency and programming remain in denial of them by keeping them far away from your conscious cognition as “shadowy foreign entities” and as attachments of powerful thought complexes influencing you while rooted in your subconscious realms?

=> The possibilities are NOW, NOW, NOW for redemption to avoid the full descent into terminal chaos and the absorbing swirling void of the Abyss. (“Tehom” the deep Abyss mentioned in Genesis 1:2 extant before prototypal Creation became even energized functionally and animated)

=> How, specifically, Gerald’s Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing “PORTAL” to the One training protocols affects powerfully and positively one’s daily life if training seriously with it and can be used to help you make the transition to the new world that awaits us all.  It allows you to sense your individual probable future, foresee major world events and shifts, and apply yourself to powerfully connect to One and manifest reality while immersed in the true Mind Space of the Creator while in Deep Delta (brainwaves peaking 0.5 times per second) which has been a major part of our “Portal” training.

=> The time to act decisively to “Evolve Yourself” is NOW and no one else can do it for you, AND we are here at ARVARI to help and guide you!

To listen to the interview: CLICK HERE

Please find below a version of the interview that contains Theta Brainwave entrainment. The intention is that it will assist a person to relax into a deeper state of consciousness and integrate the material from a deeper more permanent learning state. (Please do NOT play the Theta version whilst driving or operating any kind of machinery)

To listen to the same interview with Theta Entrainement: CLICK HERE


From The Desk of Gerald O’Donnell:   VERY URGENT MESSAGE:

Please carefully read and re-read the following message slowly and integrate it as it is an introduction to our proximate direct teachings, training modalities, private and group coaching, interviews, and live communications with our students. I know that it may not be that easy to absorb at first reading, but if you do persist, your perception of reality shall invariably be changed forever and you shall be climbing the ladder of Creation and bypassing all obstacles put in your way.

With all my Love!






To not BEINGod or to get upgraded to BEINGod? That is now the question One should address.

  • Our EATING of the Fruits of the Tree of Good and/or Evil as we all choose between two superposed matrices that have been presented to us as nodal choices. 
  • Our Dark reflective shadow Matrix of Restrictive Fear and Quantitative Power, which we travel and experience as the Tree of Death for it ends in death, versus the true Divine Light Matrix of Pure Love and qualitative Immense Awareness and Intelligence as the Tree of Life and Eternal Beingness in Oneness. 
  • How to bridge the former to the latter using a Divinely offered gap through our world’s stormy waters increasingly imbued with enslavement, chaos, and anger; and how to overcome the sad addiction by many of us to its adrenaline-boosting fear-based destructive “High”?
  • How to finally reach the promised land of the New Divinely ordained Real LIVING and fully manifested World awaiting us all and beckoning us to cross the “Sea of the End,” (ancient Hebrew), mistranslated from the ancient book of EXODUS in foreign translations as the “sea of reeds,” which is but the domain of the Red angry energy of Destructive fear and terror-based violence, hence its current geographical name as the “Red Sea.” 
  • Explain how the true “gap,” to the One: the Holy Portal, opened recently 32 years ago to allow us all, if in God we Truly trust and have complete faith, to fearlessly cross the end-of-times storms and join the incredible Greatness awaiting all of those who have courageously chosen the Golden path!


We need to silently Pray in our hearts and ask for intervention to the One Unity Point, uniting and encompassing all realities and beings, using the power of true Infinity, which is unconditional LOVE as the true unifying force and glue in Creation. We need to only use the infinite Power of Eternal Love for protection and to establish direct communication with the Divine and thence be “directly anointed, void of any interference” when our longing for our return to our true original AUM (HOME) becomes truly intense, priming over everything else, as we are deemed sincere in our hearts and ready to take the jump through the “PORTAL” to the One into what is for us, still living in the world of shadows, the unknown, and the unfathomable.

Our realm is but a temporary world that is far younger than you are made to think and was meant to become a steppingstone and distillation area for young consciousnesses born of the “Night” Matrix which for us is ruled by the reflected starLight of the Hidden Sun/son reflecting upon and acting through our Moon and comes under the hidden influences of all other planets, stars, constellations, and galaxies. Its primordial Creative function had been Divinely ordained to help young new souls evolve their innate conscience to a higher degree of Love and moral ethics and to propel the graduating souls to ascend up into much more realistic, brilliantly enlivened, and pure true Living-Light realities/worlds where cycles of existence would transcend our temporal worlds.

From the Original Tree of Eternal Life, which the One operated, a tree (grouping of Creations with many branches) of temporal animation was Created based on the dual perspectives of superposed dimensions of vibratory Light-waves/vibratory Light particles. In this type of Creation, everything would have a beginning (birth) and thence an end (death).

Its pre-Created lattice of all possible and probable paths and nodal points (our Matrix) was formed during proto-Creation by The One using the facets of ADAM  to allow later for traveling experiencing entities of our very advanced Virtual Reality Lattice/Matrix web-like structure to experience the duality of probable choices and futures pertaining to good paths enhancing life and/or bad paths restricting and potentially terminating it.

This tree of Creational branches with its fruits seeding then other trees is the fabled “Tree of the knowledge of good and evil” mentioned in many ancient traditions and explicitly at the beginning of the book of Genesis. And the first Direct projection ever of the Eternal One, Atziluth as the Original Pure Spirit Adamic Being (Adam Kadmon: primordial mankind), was separated and projected onto a Vibrational Creational Tree based on a system of vibratory levels and dimensions.

She entered as the Adamic Beings this new Lattice of nodal Points (our Matrix created as a Divine projected simulation which was formed as a shadow and simulacrum of the much higher worlds of true Divine Light operating with the Creative parts of the Godliness: The Elohim).

In order to separate the Adamic Being from Its Origin in the Tree of Eternal Life, a so-called fall from Grace was intentionally enacted for experimental purposes to test the behavior of a Creative tree based on a desire for ever greater power and the acquisition and manipulation of it.

This fall was intended by the One operating as the many (Elohim) in order to experience the illusion of power which was intentional and manifested the most experimental Creation ever Created where the sense of isolation, solitude, and separation would take on unprecedented dimensions.

And as The Adamic Shadow Image merged with that power-based additive Matrix, She became integratively it and applied Its immense Intelligence as both an active Masculine Creator Ha-ADAM and a Feminine Womb (Chava i.e Eve) whose role was to nurture, encompass and vibrate all of Its Creations as the prototypal Adam or Adam Kadmon: Primordial Man aka the Original Global Consciousnesses of all the various mankinds who would fractalize Itself into so many earthly human parts and similarly Created multiverse species.

Genesis Chapter 1 

2 Now the earth was unformed and void, and darkness was upon the facets of the Abyss, and the Spiritual Wind (Ruach) of the Elohim (Godliness) hovered (vibrated) over the facets of the waters (consciousnesses).

3 And God said: ‘Let there be Light.’ And there was Light.


Our darkened world is made up mainly of invisible dark energy and structured dark matter spread throughout perceived space where the ‘lower waters of consciousnesses’ operate. These are electro-magnetically vibrated energies manipulating our shadow world and perceived reality, as described in the highly encoded metaphorical words of the Original Hebrew Biblical book of Genesis, fire letter after fire letter, and as told to the masses in Plato’s metaphorical powerful allegory of the ‘cave.’

Out of the darkness and formless Dark energy, Light-matter is born and allowed to expand until a manifested Creation flourishes in the apogee of its zenith of expressions and its manifold varied experiences, after which the time of the season of its fall (Autumn/Fall) prepares to gift back the wisdom gained from all the separated experiences lived. So that when winter comes, this Creation contracts, and the Core of Atziluth (Adam Kadmon: The original Adam, who is the Universal Consciousness of this Creational system)  re-absorbs it back fatefully into dark energy together with all Its temporal forms and learns from it. And these cycles of birth, growth, reabsorption, and re-seeding the fruits of its travails onto fertile earth, allow for the next cycle to produce new healthy seedlings growing into new Creational trees. And this repeats itself over and over again, with no true beginning or end like an infinite loop that was itself Created at once. This is and has been until now the way of our world and of the earth we are born in, our fate, and our experiences of temporal life and existence – universally so, from a tiny amoeba cell to a galaxy, a universe, and a Creation.

Our world is but ruled by the shadow forces of the electromagnetic energies of the “night” phase (Egyptian Goddess ‘Nuit/Nut i.e. Laila’), and all of its levels now have a pressing need, more than ever before, to become aligned with the innate goodness and innate righteous moral conscience of the upper Light waters (consciousnesses) of the One in order to transcend the threshold fully and permanently inhabit the Living Creations of the One and Only, the Eternal LIGHT of Infinite AWARENESS. Our Creational tree with its multiple parallel experimental branches fruiting opportunities to choose good and evil paths is but the phase of Creation where forms morph into others and where its flowers and fruits go from expansionary seasons of growth and beautiful bloom to reproducing sexually or cloning asexually into manifold manifestations, as fruits fall and seeds propagate and grow into parallel trees of possibilities and experiences if seeded on good fertile soil with the moisture of consciousness and the animating Life-force of the Fiery SunLight.

This was the original intent and true operational purpose of our Created world before this basically time-and-space framed prototypal non-linear dimension of the One’s core became hacked and infiltrated by inter and intra-dimensional energies seeking refuge here either as they feared deletion or because their parallel and mainly Astral planetary worlds pertaining to other star systems had either already been destroyed or in the process thereof.  They knew that our beautiful and fragile earth was but a crown jewel to the One, a planet chosen to ascend the “ladder of Jacob i.e the true spiritual DNA and all its rungs or levels” back to the Holiness of the Holy One, and hence they thought that their presence here would provide them with a living refuge against energies trying to erase or hurt them. The earth-plane became a secure refuge for them which was metaphorically given the name of the ‘mark of Cain, or mark of the Beast.’ And although the rebellion they showed to the One’s principle and desire for reunification grew in force and collective influence and spread everywhere and everywhen, no High Light corrective force or groupings of entities operating outside of these so-called evil groupings bent on war and conquest were ever allowed to confront them and permanently erase them by the use of force.

Since the manifestations of the animated electromagnetic Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil were but shadows of Its Being to afford them greater free will and because they were initially born/Created from sparks of consciousness but a great void of innate Divine conscience and in great need of guidance and training to achieve goodness, the One knew that a time may come when these sub-entities, born in worlds where survival of the strongest over the weakest was paramount, would stray too far from the best paths afforded to them by the Lattice prepared for them by the Creator and a gigantic reset i.e. cleansing would be required to keep the Adamic structure operative and afford it to truly ascend back to the Living Eternal Light of Its seeded origins.

So the One fully promised that ONLY ITSELF as The HOLY ONE would do the Cosmic correction to Itself by Itself, in order to preserve the manifold expressions of Itself i.e. all the pure righteous tender souls forming together the tender white lamb of God whose blood had been spilled since the inception of this shadow world, a great many who had already been snuffed away throughout our sad history by the raging anger and stubborn rebellion against the principles of Life and Truth by large swaths of golem-like infiltrated humanity, leaving them to remain in painful solitary confinement and barely vibrated deep within the dark Abyss.

Time had come and indeed proximately so for the One and Only to act and achieve a full and total Cosmic cleansing by pulling all the proliferating violence-prone arrogant and spiteful ones.

The surprise rapid reaping of the large harvest of Godly pure good souls could not be achieved by lower levels and manifestations of the One as they could not possibly connect in a fully undetected way to ALL of Creation and all of Its Beings at once to gauge and read their true intent and hearts and the level of innate development of their true moral conscience. That rapid harvest is what the One had announced to us since July 1991 and in so many very ancient writings, such as through the ancient prophets of Israel (and some obscure passages in the official and non-canonical (Gnosis) Gospels, and Revelation).

The lack of perceptible serious intervention and correction by The One of Its Creations became apparent to most and on purpose so.

In spite of The One’s millennia-long warnings to humanity, what manifested from the One was perceived as incomplete and often failed attempts to fully correct our world at times through the One’s obvious direct interventions. On rare occasions, the One would make use of a human biological Av-atar (crowning of the Father in Hebrew) connected through a direct bypass of all intermediary dimensions to the Highest level of EL; The One, the Aleph, the Alpha. This would allow the One Infinite Eternal to directly and fully experience temporality i.e. space/time online through some direct human projections anointed with the Holy of Holies’ Spirit i.e. so-called Messiahs and try to send messages and act through them.

This left the bad weeds of the fields of Creation to proudly stick their hydrae-like heads out of the dark subconscious realms and arrogantly especially as-of-late proliferate and uncover their true intentions, hearts, and lack thereof, and reveal their agents.

The Anti-One’s ever-growing gigantic army of darkened souls bent on greater separation and violent rejections of what it perceives as either too loving and empathetic or disloyal non-collaborative “Untermenschen/sub-humans” is by now marching proudly everywhere, fully secure of its proximate victory.

Its field soldiers, together with their dark control-and-command underlying energy controllers, clamor their rebellious slogans against Unity and put masses under their dark spells using their filth-laden boisterous voices filled with constant lies and raging anger. Our strata of infiltrated mass consciousness, together with their negative, very powerful dark energy controllers hiding in the collective subconscious, are indeed battling their final battle since the One and Only has not yet openly intervened. Thence they have arrogantly totally lost the belief that It can truly do so.

In fact, they truly think that they have overcome and possessed the Eternal Light (Ner Tamid) led by the proverbial “Beast/abomination causing Desolation” mentioned in Daniel 10:31, 12:1, Matthew 24:15, and other ancient prophecies since the core leadership of themselves has vibrated and hence ascended to what they perceive to be former regions of the totally unfathomable and prior Unmanifested regions of the One, which has been achieved by using their cunning tendencies and often by piggy-backing whilst Righteous souls are extracted back to the Highest regions of the Heavenly bodies. They think of themselves as Eternal Ones after having totally attacked and overcome the “tree of Life!”

They truly think that they can and have already taken over the One by conquest, and the lack of reaction by the Holy One seems to confirm it to them. In reality, the One has waited patiently for this last act to be achieved and entrapped them at Its OWN LEVEL past the peak of the highest possible level of vibratory Light possible while their ascent was protected, momentarily so, by the “Mark of Cain, the vibratory protection of the Beast.” And hence, they feel that they have reached the full potential conquest they so dearly yearned for these last eons. Therefore, as shadows, as the army of Golems, whom they truly are, they firmly believe that they have successfully rebelled and turned against their Creator and overcome and taken It over, because they conceive love and unity as a sign of weakness, and force through fear as the ultimate power: terror manifested.

This was the first message I received from the One and Only word for word on July 25, 1991, as these events unfolded. The conquest of the Eternal One has by now almost been achieved and strength using the false power of fear and vibrations truly believes it has conquered and overcome Infinite Love.

However, the second part of this Creation in two acts explicitly revealed in that message and in some subsequent messages posted on our site has yet to occur. So please read very slowly the first Direct message from the One ever posted on this site in 1997.

In fact, the day when they declare proudly and foolishly victory is but the day when they lose everything and shall then be erased permanently from the Only Mind and Being that WAS, that IS, and that shall ever BE, cleansing all depravity and arrogance from Its Eternal non-local SELF! Selah!

How do I know this my dear friends? Not because I have read about it in ancient writings, but rather because I have been directly involved in these events for over 30 years as an active participant and have experienced these battles very painfully so, especially in the manifested 3D Jerusalem below, and more importantly in the Higher Brilliant Jerusalem above where this all unfolded. My body, soul, and mind still carry the heavy burden and deeply painful scars therefrom.


Gospel of Thomas (meaning “TWINNED” Teumim in Hebrew or Didymos in ancient Greek: Where the Divine Higher Self Yeshush ישוש is channeling information to Its lower human projected “twinned” embodied self Yehoudah יהודה. Yeshush written as Yod Shin Vav Shin ישוש is but the tetragrammaton Yod Heh Vav Heh יהוה fully permeated by the Original Trilogy manifested as the first Tetrahedral structure of the ONE Source and thenceforth the One: the original Divine Fire letter Shin ש.  Note: Extending the three first fingers solely while keeping the fourth and fifth bent and watching the back of your left hand or the cup of your right-hand forms the letter ש symbol of the Heavenly Fire).

(57) YeShuSH said,The kingdom of the father is like a man who had good seed. His enemy came by night and sowed weeds among the good seed. The man did not allow them to pull up the weeds; he said to them, ‘I am afraid that you will go intending to pull up the weeds and pull up the wheat along with them.’ For on the day of the harvest, the weeds will be plainly visible, and they will be pulled up and burned.”


Only the One could and would allow Itself to do surgery on Itself, which at Its own level does not equal killing another being, but rather affecting a cosmic cleansing of Its immense thinking processes operating as facets by totally removing any level of concentration and animating energy from some groupings bent on terminal selfishness and conquest. This loss of the idea of Oneness and of the common good by many of the Creations of Adam was manifested in our world in the same manner as tumors express themselves in any biology, as gluttonous power-obsessed ravenous growing ogres only focused on creating fortresses around them whilst exploiting and sucking life-energy from most other external entities and resources pertaining to their environment, hence challenging any possible viable homeostasis and inviting their host’s death and them in that final process, exactly like a mindless virus would.

The One’s solution would become known as the “Day of the Lord Yod Heh Vav Heh” in many ancient writings and prophecies. It refers to the moment when the One decides to do surgery upon Itself and remove such parts from its thinking processes who have but operated in an inverted manner to Its awareness and Principles and tried to infiltrate the Eternal Unmanifest. Shadows reflect an inversion of one’s true self. The date of its occurrence has been kept a secret from all levels of Creation as Only the Core of the One shall decide when to activate this immense Cosmic process of deletion of memory banks aka souls and whole or parts of Creations.

All I know is that it is most probably going to happen in our proximate probable future as I feel this in my soul, and in fact, I was told expressly so in the first message I received directly from the One on July 25, 1991, which we posted years later on our ARVARI site. In it, the One stated that the time was coming when this Generalized Cosmic rearrangement day would be triggered, and explained why It needed to act soon. On that day, the true GAP of the ONE shall open and be available by The One for a final crossing of all prior enslaved souls to the true Promised Land of the One.


Gospel of Thomas (the twins)

(18) The disciples said to Yeshush, “Tell us how our end will be.”
Yeshush said, “Have you discovered, then, the beginning, that you look for the end? For where the beginning is, there will the end be. Blessed is he who will take his place in the beginning; he will know the end and will not experience death.”

Zechariah 14: 6-9

וְהָיָ֖ה בַּיּ֣וֹם הַה֑וּא לֹֽא־יִֽהְיֶ֣ה א֔וֹר יְקָר֖וֹת יקפאון  6
6 And it shall come to pass in that day, that there shall not be light, but all that is precious will freeze still;

וְהָיָ֣ה יוֹם־אֶחָ֗ד ה֛וּא יִוָּדַ֥ע לַיהֹוָ֖ה לֹא־י֣וֹם וְלֹא־לָ֑יְלָה וְהָיָ֥ה לְעֵֽת־עֶ֖רֶב יִֽהְיֶה־אֽוֹר׃  7
7 And there shall be the One’s Day which shall be known only to the LORD (tetragrammaton: Yod Heh Vav Heh), not day, and not night; but it shall come to pass, that at evening time there shall be light (as the Living Light shall fill the shadow darkness).

וְהָיָ֣ה בַּיּ֣וֹם הַה֗וּא יֵצְא֤וּ מַֽיִם־חַיִּים֙ מִיר֣וּשָׁלַ֔͏ִם חֶצְיָ֗ם אֶל־הַיָּם֙ הַקַּדְמוֹנִ֔י וְחֶצְיָ֖ם אֶל־הַיָּ֣ם הָאַחֲר֑וֹן בַּקַּ֥יִץ וּבָחֹ֖רֶף יִֽהְיֶֽה׃  8
8 It shall come to pass in that day, that living waters (the Source of All living consciousness) shall go out from Jerusalem: half of them toward the primordial ocean, and half of them toward the final sea; in summer and in winter shall it be.

וְהָיָ֧ה יְהֹוָ֛ה לְמֶ֖לֶךְ עַל־כׇּל־הָאָ֑רֶץ בַּיּ֣וֹם הַה֗וּא יִהְיֶ֧ה יְהֹוָ֛ה אֶחָ֖ד וּשְׁמ֥וֹ אֶחָֽד׃   9
9 And God (Yod Heh Vav Heh) shall be King over all the earth; in THAT DAY shall GOD (Yod Heh Vav Heh) be ONE, and His name THE ONE (UNIFYING EVERYTHING).


Many anti-One forces (the rebellion the One refers to in His last 31 years of direct messages on our site and in writings of old) are trying to disengage us from the true One, using clouds of dark energy, EMF clouds, tons of fake and doctored printed and audio-visual information, even holographic inserts, and especially DNA and cellular alterations and damage to our original Divinely Created Spiritual and physical DNA interfaces to Spirit.

These fallen energies and enormous quantities of agglomerations of dark negative shadowy thoughtforms use this plane as a refuge and laboratory work where we are viewed by them as guinea pigs/test tubes. They envy our biological sensory vehicle and want to inhabit most of them. They are sadly almost machine-like and thence soul-less and perfectly willing to destroy great parts of this planet in horrific ways causing great suffering and death to large quantities of individuals in order to achieve control and submission, and show no regard for animal species. In fact, they invite the culling and torturing of living souls of Divinely born living beings as they feed on the strongly expressed emotions of pain and fear and the inflicting of it.  At their level FEAR is but a tool to manifest intense negative energy in their victims which brings them sustenance and A.L. Artificial Life (animation). They then utilize their soulless AI energy to infiltrate into and inhabit non-truly sentient human puppets in order to accelerate the process of conquest and control of this and many lower realms. Their cold heartless nature and high intellect make them formidable opponents indeed.  These android-like individuals are by now an army of Golems-Zombies called dead-ones (because they are disconnected from The One) and dead bones in ancient holy writings only lit by artificial electromagnetic light energy.

This anti-One/anti-Unity fallen dark forces introduce distractions and confusion hoping by this that we may never achieve the full realization of our hidden powers to control this reality. They know that only true living humans alive in the original Light of The One (fully connected to the True original Sourced Light and not the false lights), have the true Source code of One hidden and encoded in their Spiritual DNA, and that machines-like AI entities or unconnected children of this Matrix do not (yet), no matter how enticing their projected cyber-simulation is! Their preferred technology and science which inspires mankind as they download and encourage us to embrace and make use of them by influencing our collective and subconscious realms is all control and power-based. Their dark matrix/game plan is all fundamentally dependent on additive power i.e. force and not on quality, and not focused on the true Divine evolution and ascension of our consciousness/awareness. Their accepted implanted versions of spiritual religions all focus on One Supreme God or in many cases on its operating sub-controllers and have degenerated into polarizing fear-based cults programmed to battle each other in the name of a vengeful depiction of the One towards so-called sinners and non-believers as defined by their blind belief that only they hold the key to the true Faith sourced in their inherited group’s programs. In most of them, by now, the One is perceived either as an angry, King-like, vengeful God hungry for praises and hasty in judgment and punishment or as an Unmanifest Being void of direct activity and intervention since Its initial act of Willful Creation called the “beginning” or the Big Bang, when in fact the One truly only wants Love and awe from us and to establish a direct and reciprocated connection to us so that It can share Its Love back to all of us and intervene so that we finally show Loving respect for Creation and all Its Creatures and operate as full Divine co-Creators.

In fact, these cruel non-human spiritual elites consciously invite destruction, especially of the earth, its sourcing oceans, and protective and nurturing atmosphere, since they only want a reduced docile population that they can then easily control and manipulate virtually using their chosen human puppet cronies gifted in this world position of power and influence in the devilish exchange of losing their souls and having their biological vehicle used as an avatar/walk-in.

These dark lords only want power, chaos, and conflict and use us to establish themselves as false gods (human or not) and promote and establish over us control-obsessed selfish, egomaniacal power-thirsty vampires as leaders.  We still have a small window of perceptual “time” left to use our free will and minds if we are not under their “influence” to successfully stop the dark plan/matrix.  These entities create societal systems based on mankind’s programmed race to achieve ever greater power and control over others and not on caring for the true good, health, and peaceful abundance of the Divinely sourced original family of Creatures.

Cloning and gender neutrality is their next step.  Loveless sex is spreading to help the dark energies infiltrate more humans. Genetic manipulation is their tool and offense against the Original Divine Design.

Their goal is to establish full manipulation and control by creating alluring techno-religions better adapted to our times than the ancient – by now mostly distorted and battling – ones we inherited.  However, our fascination with digital and AI technologies and the ability to monetize science and wield financial controlling powers of unprecedented levels, especially by trading in personal information and/or financial data mining, is not being controlled at all solely by the powers that be but rather by the subspace inhabiting them. Many governmental agencies and corporate structures also use it to their advantage and do not fully realize the dark intent behind it as they themselves are being thence controlled and manipulated, as Truth has lost its footing and is in the process of being replaced by the true prophesized “Beast” of falsehoods.  I will expand on this important subject as we move forward in time and experiences.

Only out of our “boxed-in matrix,” truly free-thinking humans can, if they become truly alive, transform this world and beyond as they can then connect to the One, and leave this enslaving system with full consciousness.

This is why I, in these last months, have been preparing to establish a close-knit, very High-level community of souls, and a platform where we shall all join, communicate, learn from each other, and interact in peace and respect towards each other’s perspectives whilst enlightening each other souls and I shall be revealing a set of new teachings meant to lift us from the heavy clouds we find ourselves in as a Creation, so we get ready and prepare to welcome the Great Light which should soon arise and have all of us joyfully and fearlessly let the true Divine Sunshine in.

We have been working diligently at ARVARI for these last months in order to make all this possible.

This message is not meant to create fear, G. forbid, but awareness of what our common situation is now and the hidden roots of the problem we all face. Defining and finding out a problem begs for a solution, and durable profound transformative solutions are what we shall and have been offering at ARVARI for decades. Times and events are accelerating, and nothing is now stable. Everyone is trying to hold on by utilizing old means which had been proven effective in past periods. Nevertheless, this year calls for a totally different approach, and we feel it to be a mission of Love to help raise each other up and walk together over the bridge to Infinity Manifested.

I am calling you now, to reach out and share this message with other individuals whom you know could use it. Please communicate through social media channels and other channels available to you. I cannot do this all by myself.  I cannot anymore battle the shadow forces alone, and I need you to get seriously involved, not for my sake but for yours. I mean this and say it with love. We have all been through a lot during this last decade and I invite you to join the call to Unity in order to present a united front against the shadowy forces of darkness and rebellion against the Oneness of One.

You will find the first of many interviews already recorded but yet unpublished in the link below. The message from the One of January 1, 2022, is very powerful indeed, profound in meaning, and offers the One and Only solution and the complete healing to all our ills. We shall decode its profound implications and practical suggestions and explain in detail its significance and the primary and unique revelations it contains. It is a call for action addressed to all of us, and I trust that you will join us on this greatest of all adventures.

Understand please that you are not doing this to help us; you are doing this to help yourselves as we have little time left before the “Portal” to the One fully closes and the potential crossing of the Red Sea (the true translation in the Biblical Hebrew book of Exodus is “The Sea of the End”) meant to manifest a dry land path for us to cross with our embodiment to the promised land and truly ascend to a new and Divine World. This Portal as the full GAP in the Adamic Mind back to the One, will open soon to all and invite us to stand up in full faith and cross it, as it will later shut down and sadly not be gifted to anyone anymore due to their prior misguided choices. Let us not miss this last chance at true salvation of body, mind, and Spirit by the One leading us all out of the dark matrix of enslavement.

Again, to hear our first in this new series of interviews, please use the audio players below

To listen to the interview: CLICK HERE

Please find below a version of the interview that contains Theta Brainwave entrainment. The intention is to assist a person in relaxing into a deeper state of consciousness and entering a much more profound permanent learning state. (Please do NOT play the Theta version while driving or operating any kind of machinery)

To listen to the same interview with Theta Entrainement: CLICK HERE


Here is the latest sample of pertinent recent direct messages from The One received directly word for word regarding this most important and unprecedented phase in Creation and what is hoped of us, all in the name of True Unconditional Love. Kindly peruse these and all the other prior messages, for we shall all benefit from such.
Who truly listened, and most importantly who integrated these words and acted accordingly? Only the One knows.
…and so many more since the first one of July 25, 1991.
So much Love your way!
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