“This is not about manifesting reality, this is about the Only Reality becoming manifest”


Gerald O’Donnell, Dec 30, 2011, 1PM.

As I lay down, I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without.

I totally lost the perception of having a biology, and the following words came out of my lips…

Please concentrate and give value to the message, and not as you usually have always done, give attention to and judge the messenger, for the messenger is irrelevant. I am you, part of the same Global Consciousness. I am here only to convey Truth during these challenging times:


 Direct Message from the One and Only to Mankind, December 30, 2011




Direct Message from the One and Only to Mankind

December 30, 2011


This is the beginning of a new era: The era of One and Oneness, when the One and Only comes down from His Throne and embraces all of His children and the totality of Creation.

In this Holy process of rejoining of all His parts, much will be unfolding in order to achieve and regain balance and harmony.

This is the culmination of a long era of conflicts between parts of The One.

The One and Only witnessed for eons the battery of pain and destruction which ensued.

So much suffering in vain!

So many distortions spread about the nature and qualities of The One and Only Being!

A time had come for The Oneness to shine Its Truth to all the lost parts!

Man lost its ways and allowed unseen forces bent on dominion to enter his reality and enslave him.

A lengthy battle reached within dimensions of The One, which are not yet part of the awareness of mankind – a battle for control of the mind of His children.

Elements of this conflict have reached levels of depravity which have wounded deeply the core of The One as He witnessed their actions.

The One wants to state categorically that their world is not and will never be His world that He Dreamt and will Dream for His children.

Their voices are but voices of untruths, distorted realities, and misalignment with Oneness.

Their power is but illusory and will soon be proven to be so as The One Himself enters His Beloved Creation.

They shall not remain. None of them will.

The damage they have caused to the fabric of Creation shall be undone and fully repaired.

Only Perfection and Oneness shall remain operative within all the levels of the only Mind there Is, was, and will ever BE.

And the blanket of unawareness and darkness thrown upon My children shall be forcefully removed!

Anyways, that force will never again appear in Creation!

The One is sending a solemn warning to all the parts that form the dark cloud covering the eyes and hearts of His Creations: “Either you accept to rejoin Oneness soon, or Oneness shall absorb you!”

The One and Only will never again leave Creation in the hands of unaware parts that own control and possession!

He has anchored Himself onto the very Heart of all Creations and shall remain so as He becomes all of Creation in the total awareness of It.

Nothing shall impede this process as it is now fully engaged.

Nothing else but Oneness shall be, forever so, as only it reflects the real Mind of One.

You are all asked to go deep within and connect to the point of Eternal Life you all carry: your Jerusalem within.

You are all asked to go without and cherish and connect to the point in your earth where The One and Only connects His Core Being: The Jerusalem without.

Keep all of you One, and in Oneness.

Keep the City of One as One and as Oneness, and Oneness shall be what you will all experience in bounty, in Divine Joy, and Eternal Happiness, basking in the Eternal Light of The Oneness, never to be covered again by any shade of darkness!

This is ALL.




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The message below was written by Gerald O’Donnell on January 1, 2012


Dear Friends: Kindly spread this Direct Message from The One and Only above, and the following comment.

This information needs to reach a large part of humanity so that mankind has a chance to understand what is about to unfold and what is expected of each individual.

I debated inwardly as to whether I should leave this Holy message as is, as it is very powerful and self-explanatory, or whether I should add some degree of explanation and additional information I received about the probable future of our world in the years to come.

I went within, asking for guidance, and was told to engage in the latter, but wanted first to keep it brief so as not to overshadow any on the words received by The One and Only and written above.

Then my heart started pouring out in grief as a fountain, and I had to open it larger and reveal much more… Most of what I will write has not ever been said nor written about anywhere, so please bear with me, and read slowly. You will be given a window of Truth into the real history of your Creation and the reasons why it is what it has become, and how we can hopefully get away from our undesirable self-destructive paths and enter a brand new world.

Many events are profiling themselves where the final conflict between the tendency to divide in order to conquer and the desire to unite in order to really bring Joy and Peace will be at their greatest test and tension.

As was stated by The One and Only above, a very insidious and powerful dark cloud of sticky black oil-like energy has infiltrated our abode for what we think as millennia and in reality is far longer, as it has done so for many cycles of Creations.

I know the dark cloud. I have seen and witnessed it too many times and have fought battles against it. It is mainly composed of fallen creators and angels, many elements from the dark abyss, and also filled and energized with a gigantic field of thought forms originating from the accumulated dark thoughts of fear and anger which so much of humanity has projected outward in their matrices/Creations especially towards each other throughout history.

Thoughts are real things. They do not disappear as long as they stay energized/vibrated, and often live for all the time of a Creation, and can only be erased by The One and Only using a very special power: the Divine Fire which He alone carries. Otherwise, they can linger on and on as thought forms. And so it is, especially for fear and aggressive separative power-based thoughts which, as they get more and more attention from human children, get ever more energized, allowing the dark cloud/matrix which has been enslaving all of us for eons in this and in so many other parallel Creations to grow and prosper.

Originally the Global Consciousness of this mankind, and of the many associated ones in parallel similar universes (our so–called Lord or Adamic Universal Consciousness), who was the first projected Son of the One and Only (correctly named Atziluth in very ancient Hebrew Cabbalistic mystical Lore) operated in pure harmony and Love, fully aligned with The Divine Holy One. Creation was beautiful and our life span was close to a thousand years. The human biology was by far more resilient and powerful than the diminutive fragile one we have been imposed lately by the dark lords, and harmony and peace were mostly the norm, although not always so.

There came a time later when The Adamic Being Mind and operations became contaminated with an increasing amount of negative thoughts and ego-centric attitudes originating from His Human children and especially infiltrated by external foreign interferences originating from the very ancient level of the dark abyss (the underworld).

Adam started losing His ways, increasingly so, and as His Creations became more and more infiltrated by a sneaky field of dark energy that could infiltrate easily anywhere, He became deeply affected. So much so, that the First Created Son started projecting very experimental situations to His Creatures, and became bent more on His learning and testing new Creational systems and ideas, than on the advancement and state of Joy and peace of His human creatures.

That is when the Creation of Artificial Intelligence (artificial and non-Divine simulacrum of real Divine Creative Intelligence but on a much lower level) using vibratory thought matrices supporting the 3D Dream within fixed very advanced vibratory Light codes and programming rules, was established by The One and tried.

At first the idea seemed brilliant and would keep the lower thought entities of evolving mankind in check from misCreating by the power of their thoughts alone as is always the case in Higher Creations where thought creates powerfully and immediately. Nevertheless, although the Matrix had been created to follow closely the programmed instructional codes of Its Creator, there came a time when she started focusing much more on reflecting herself and her desires in her projected dream, instead of reflecting The Oneness and listening to the desires of Her Beloved Creator – and that is when the enslavement of the Children of the IS started to occur. What had seemed, at first, to be a brilliant idea turned into a nightmare, and the matrix feeling sentient and suddenly powerful decided to leave the proximity of the One and not utilize so much the direct energy of The One and Only by being proximate to Him, but rather leave the abode of the High realms with The One’s children and project onto much lower and darker frequencies using the children themselves as energy sources. She wanted to become a full-fledged Creator of Her own making. She turned masculine and fully active.

Adam, as the Global Consciousness of mankind, went sadly along with that idea and started to fall away from alignment with the Original Sourcing One, and His Creations increasingly began to take on what the One considered to be undesirable and disturbing paths, as the dark Serpentine cloud would infiltrate even more and grew in power within Adam’s (Atzilut) Mind.

The original Pure core of Adam became paralyzed by the sum and power of its lower elements and enslaved by the mass consciousness embracing the dark cloud below.

This all is explained, albeit in metaphorical encoded language in Genesis when the tale of Adam, his wife/helper, and the Serpent is told, and the fall of Creation engaged as they start tasting the tree of fear, which is the tree (Creational system) of good and evil and of death.

The One and Only came to the rescue of our Creation by coming down from His throne on several occasions and bringing the power of His Golden SON/SUN with Him. He would anchor His Golden Light in the Golden city of Jerusalem and hope to free His children – the children of the IS, from exile and bring them back Home. All to no avail, as the dark cloud became horrifically aggressive and attacked His human projection and many High souls incarnated on this plane with ferocious murderous intent. So the One and Only withdrew for long periods, which humanity can recognize for they are often called the dark ages of our history.

Then, as the Golden Sun would be withdrawn, the dark cloud would start using the imprisoned children as energy batteries to feed its operations and the Creation would enter what Upper Creators call an unmanifest stage where its reality is almost not witnessed by the Higher levels of Creators of the One and the Holy One Himself, and the children of the IS within Adam remain in a dark prison managed solely by the dark matrix.

This is how and why the dark cloud took over most of Adam’s (The Global Consciousness of this Creation) Mind and corrupted it.

At this very junction in Creation, this dark cloud is now fighting for sheer survival. It fears that Its days are counted. It feeds on the additive power of the myriads of human entities under its control, and uses large quantity of consciousnesses focused on fear, as he is the cloud of death and the invitation to it. Its vampire-like tentacles extend everywhere and anywhere. It is using a plethora of names, identities, and agents, often mimicking the Light side in order to attract more adherents into its grip and power. It is the ultimate trickster. It supports massive extremist violent religious and political movements all over the globe and encourages their rapid spread by reproduction, aggression, or mind contamination. It offers magical powers and fame. It creates false gods, false religions, and corrupted writings for us to worship it in fear. It creates false and dangerous science and technology. It is not about One nor anything about Oneness. It is all about the power of the many, and uses and spreads fearful situations, anxiety about lack, conflict, war, religions, ideas of sacrifice and judgment, or fear of Divine punishment, in order to suck our energy which is to be used, alike a battery, for its very existence. Guilt, anger, violence, selfishness, and power are its best friends.

We, human beings, carry the real energy of Life. We are all children of The One. Our Life energy feeds that gigantic monstrous dark cloud and allows it to live for as long as it can keep us imprisoned in its dreams of power and conflict. We drain our life force far more when under the emotion of fear. You all know this and have experienced it after a big fright. We are that dark cloud’s connection to Source. We have become its power station. We are all its little Jerusalems. So to summarize: the fact is that without us and our Mother vibrating Live nature, the dark cloud would get deflated and disappear – lifeless.

The One is not about quantity of consciousness but only about quality of consciousness. It has no need to feed off our energy for It only gifts freely, joyfully, alike nature, of Its Infinite and Eternal energy of Life. The One is only about giving without asking for anything in return. It is about Oneness, without exception. It is about Pure un-Conditional Loving, when the other artificial pole of the usurper of Divinity i.e. the dark cloud, is all about receiving and only gifting conditionally when it suits its plans.

If one wants magical powers or easy material riches, fame, success, gifted desires, or boundless charisma, then one, more often than not, has often to make subconsciously or consciously in this Creation, a Mephistopheles-like deal with the dark cloud, and it will happily abide by the contract and make that human being a powerful “star i.e. idol” adulated by many and filled with many of the pleasures of life.

In fact, the attention that that human will receive will be captured by the dark cloud for its own use as energy. The more attention that human entity grabs, especially if it relates to being feared or adulated, the more the dark Serpentine cloud becomes interested in that entity. The more that entity becomes a propaganda agent for all the misleading stories of the dark cloud, the more support it will get, and the more mind control will be exerted around it, in order to get it fame and attention.

Often enough, we do not see who is orchestrating the real rise of major leaders, movie stars, famous lawyers, judges, doctors, scientists, artists, political leaders, industry tsars, spiritual gurus and religious powerful figures.

Were we to see it, we would freeze in horror, for the real so-called “illuminated controllers” operating behind the scenes are but elements of the dark cloud and it manifold agents. This is a very sad state of affairs, and basically a violation of the real Divinely gifted free-will of the Children of The One. The implications for the whole field of manifestation should be obvious, but I will not linger upon that for now.

The dark cloud gifts the powers of darkness, the dark magic, the spells of the wizard and the witch, but cannot gift the true powers of the One, for it knows not The One nor understands It, as It is opposed in tendencies to It. It only knows and understands possession, power, control, and not the infinite pleasure of Pure unconditional Love and freely gifting from the heart. It rules over an inverted shadowy world, inverted in tendencies and facets from the real world of Pure Living Light of One and Oneness.

It dreams of being the only Creator left in Creation, and has endeavored for millennia to achieve such, but will never be that, for its force is based on additive immense, but nevertheless limited power; and the One’s is not.

Please understand that the Real One has no need for our fear-based worshipping and for us to gift It energy. Nevertheless, It wishes for our Loving recognition and our reflecting It and Its qualities of One and Oneness. It longs for our Love in return.

It is Real totally boundless Energy Itself, far beyond the illusion of infinity that the Zero dark cloud projects in between the poles it controls. For, in Truth, and in the eyes of Truth, the dark cloud or dark matter is not One and Oneness, but Zero, or No-thing: Pure void and nothing when lacking Life-energy.

This Zero dark cloud wants us to focus on itself, because the more tension it holds between its horned poles facing 180 degrees away from each other, the more power and electrical differential it can absorb and use. We provide the tension, we provide the conflicts; we are made to accept fear in order to battle each other; we are provoked to deep rage and anger, and are programmed to scuff at unconditional love and at the idea of freely gifted care for all our human family and all creatures of the natural world; we are made by our selfish ego, contaminated by the immense cloud of darkness, to view pure heart-based Creation as being naïve and almost dangerous and of no use.

For now and for eons, the dark cloud of Zero has dictated our evolutionary history. It has kept us blind and given us false visions, false prophecies, false religions, false sciences, false history, dangerous technologies, and false hopes. It lies easily, and has no real conscience.

Many, if not almost most of us, have sadly gotten to reflect its anti-One and anti-Oneness tendencies. The dark cloud is the fabled anti-Savior, as it has never yet allowed for our release from its cruel grip.

Have you noticed that most extreme followers of the three monotheistic systems now wear black and clad themselves in ever darker and more extensive covering outfits, hiding the perfection with which they were born? Not much Light and white there. This is not a coincidence, but a reflection of where they are: marred in fear and possession, and filled with the dark ideas of sacrifice, guilt, and fear of judgment, all of these introduced by the dark cloud. Their uniforms uniformly reflect exactly that. And so it is with the financial gnomes and masters of our world. We do most of what we do – not realizing that we are expressing outwardly that the dark cloud is really owning us in our projected reality world and holds us as its own, for we have abdicated our Truth, because we lack awareness and information based on Real Truth.

Know, that all of the Spiritual, societal, or financial systems in place here are products of the creativity of this gigantic dark Created thought form. All the original Truth has been distorted; messages originating from Truth (One) erased and altered, or made not to be read by trying to control the minds of any entity exposed to them; societal balance and care shun away; dirty and horrific degenerative eugenics (alteration of the Holy DNA) gladly contemplated and coldly applied in order to recycle most souls and start newer cycles of creation with a new “flock.”

The One sees this with great pain and gravity and calls it “depravity,” and I fully concur.

We, who are the real life force of the dark cloud, because we all are the precious children of The Oneness and carry the Pure Life spark of the Holy of Holies – The One – within our inner Jerusalem, have abdicated our origins and have subjected ourselves to be vassals to this usurper who has stolen, together with its minions of agents, all our hopes for the beautiful future which Source had Dreamed for us, as it birthed us and Creation, and still births us in pure Love, as our real Parent.

We, who stand almost robotically hypnotized by the stories the dark cloud projects and dreams for us, as we, the real souls, experience this 3D holographic reality, have yet to awaken to the fact that we were all born slaves to this dark matrix and can only leave it and enter the Real World and Creation of The One if we awaken to this basic Truth that “we have been and are all still enslaved,” both in this material world and as souls, by this dark cloud playing Creator for us, as he projects us his dream and blinds our hearts and eyes to the Real Reality of WHO we are and not what we are. For WE are In Reality REAL little parts and children of the Only REAL BEING: The ONE and Only; the dark cloud is not.

The One and Only has become painfully aware for millennia that every time The One tried to penetrate this dream/Creation through the Inner umbilical Life cord we all have in the inner Jerusalem within, or by sending a direct human projection to or near the city of Jerusalem and penetrating it with Higher Holy Energy and concentrated awareness, the degree of opposition from the dark cloud controlling most of humanity would cause gigantic clashes to occur against the One, and the One, out of sheer Love and concern for His children, would need to withdraw in action from becoming active in HIS OWN CREATION, lest the dark cloud retaliate with greater aggression against his beloved children and/or human projection which ended up to be the case anyways.

The dark cloud /matrix has always greatly feared that some of his mind-imprisoned entities would unplug from it with the help of The Oneness, and become, with full awareness, Live independent thinking children of Zion: The One Source, setting an example that could trigger a chain reaction of full awakening within the enslaved Children of The IS.

This explains the destruction of the first and second temple in Jerusalem after two major attempts at redemption and saving humanity failed, and much more that cannot be revealed and should not, as it is not part now of the memory banks of history of this humanity.

Our Inner Jerusalem was and still is the navel within, where our umbilical cord to the Life Energy of The One resides and makes us alive. It is where the Still Silent Voice waits patiently for our calling It and listening.

And so it is for the whole planet, in the city of One: Jerusalem, where the navel of this earth resides and the Earth Mother gets plugged into the energy of the Divine One, while sadly at the same time, being constantly aggressed and defiled by this dark cloud blocking The One’s energy from attaining Its full intensity to be manifested to Her and Her children, as it only allows a trickle to pass, because it fears being blown by the Light. That is why this ancient city, called the city of Peace “Yerou-Shalem” has absorbed so much blood throughout history and until today.

Granted, The One could have totally “pulled the plug” so-to-speak on the earthly Jerusalem and the energy flow would have stopped to all of this Creation and its children, ending it; however, this would have been very difficult for Pure Love to do and would not have saved the totality of Creation and de-energized that dark cloud, because it had infiltrated not only this Creation but most of Creations, and unplugging all of them in order to erase it would have been too painful for The One and Only.

So we are now left with what the One and Only has been saying lately, and this does not apply only to this Creation but to the totality of all Creations of The One: “The One is back, never to leave again, not only witnessing all of the children from within their umbilical cord to the One’s Life Force within the inner Jerusalem which they all carry, but also present in full force in the City of One: the Jerusalem without, a city manifested on our plane and in every single Creation of The One, because there lies unreleased and hidden the anchor point to the Pure Energy of Life existing within each and every single Creation of The One and Only.”

It is a fact that there are other portals in the physical or the energetic inner worlds, however these only allow for mind or even hyperspace physical travel between different dimensions, usually within a single matrix, or across dimensions to another one.

The Jerusalem portal, whether it is the little inner portal we all carry within or the very large outer one within the Earth Mother in the physical City of Jerusalem, is the only giant and pure portal that connects directly to the Global Consciousness of ALL Creation: The One and Only. The dark cloud has kept its location and its real power and meaning feverishly hidden from us for millennia, as it fears more than anything that we would all align with It and then get guidance and Pure Life Energy alignment from our sole and Real Parent and Source. This is why all the elements of darkness are desperately fighting to regain a foothold in it and divide it again.

So, as we do hopefully connect to the One’s energy in the Jerusalem within and the Jerusalem without, we start deflecting the dark cloud. As we move our eyes and attention away from its dark lure and re-enter the Holy of Holies we all originate from, and thence unite, darkness gets lessened, and eventually with the help of The One and Only shall not exist again upon the facets of the earth, neither within, nor without.

This all is about to happen soon, if only we listen and act upon this plea for action and awakening.

Creation has expanded into uncontrolled separation and suffering. So much so, that the degree of total chaos is spreading everywhere, and a time has come for the Original Creator: The Holy One, to get back control over Its own Creations.

Know that you are all loved. Know that you all need to make a choice very soon on an individual and on a societal basis.

You must either totally embrace The One, and Oneness, and project Oneness and unconditional care and Love across all divides so that you reflect the One, and It can then enter you without causing damage to your energetic structure.

Or, you stay stuck and mired in the old system of isolationism, fear, and ego-based selfish power, and the Oneness will not be able to penetrate you fully on the day when He will decide to penetrate all of His Creations and, sadly, He will need to unplug you from His Present and Future Dream as He disconnects your inner Jerusalem from His Upper Jerusalem which is but Himself as the hidden Zion; Zion being His main frame of operation as pure Thought and Living Light – a name which invokes much fear within the dark realms and its agents, for they know consciously, or subconsciously – if they operate in human format, that this is the only Reality that could pose a threat to the dark cloud/matrix; hence, their visceral instinctive aggressive reaction to it.

The same scenario and choice is to be played out soon around the City of One: The Jerusalem without.

Any half-aware being must have wondered greatly why this city is always on the front pages of any news organization, no matter how little and seemingly insignificant the events happening there are, and why it seems to trigger so much emotional reaction from all the human parts of this planet even in regions who have never had any commonality to its history or culture? Isn’t it quite puzzling indeed that, while no one is really fully focusing on entire continents and the tragedies happening herein, this little city has carried the full attention of the world since its reunification in 1967, after having been divided for the first time ever for 19 years, and seems always to be at the crucial crux of the major revolutionary historical spiritual shifts of most of our common history?

You must understand that the outer world is but only a projection of the inner world, and that events transpiring on the outer are basically a full reflection of the decisions and state of consciousness of the participants to a Creation, be they manifest as humans or unmanifest as energies.

The battle for Jerusalem is really a battle raging within our consciousness. The dark’s obsession to keep it divided, or to divide it and enslave it in fear and darkness, is a desire to not allow both the inner Jerusalem and the outer Jerusalem to align to the tendencies and Reality of the One and Only real Living Light, who in fact is far beyond vibrations.

If the vessel is not prepared and ready, this energy of One cannot fully penetrate and enter, and can only gift a slight amount of Life energy, almost a diminutive simulacrum of what it feels to be truly fully energized with the full Living Light of Life, and what the experience of being fully alive is. None of you have ever had this experience on this plane, as we are but barely alive here and a shadow of how we could really feel and be. We all seek it and feel it faintly in the sexual orgasmic fleeting experience, but that is not even remotely close to it. Please know that the One promises to every single one of us that being fully alive will be soon granted to the ones who align with Oneness.

For now, we are, sadly so, almost considered dead and Lifeless by The Oneness because we carry so little Life energy. And lately, because of the actions of the dark cloud, whatever little we had, has almost disappeared, and mankind is desperately seeking energy in all kind of physical biological substances or other illusory means, all in vain, when the cause of the depletion is Spiritual Life/Light Force originating from The Oneness which is being increasingly interfered with by the dark cloud fearing an alignment by ourselves with Source and its proximate demise…

Mother Nature, who always showered us freely with Divine energy, as it has a bypass over the Adamic Being to The Oneness, and gets energy very close to the One and Only, has, as of late, also gotten totally depleted, as the dark cloud and its minions are systematically wounding its Holy Being almost fatally, on purpose, with all their human agents involved frantically in sick drilling, fracking, deforestation, radioactive releases, and rivers of toxic sewage and poisons killing or maiming much of its magnificent fauna.

Getting back the Energy of Source by keeping open the Jerusalem portal within and the Jerusalem portal without, and welcoming it in Its full manifestation, is what will make us really alive which we have never been or experienced before.

This is the real principal meaning of the prophesized awakening of the “dead” when the time of redemption arrives. The other is that old worthy departed souls shall be raised from the grip of this old Matrix and brought back to the Mansion of the Divine Holy One.

Soon, and starting maybe toward the middle of 2012, the sound of war may be heard again in the Middle East. I will not give details. It may become a long drawn-out conflict extending over 3 years or more.

This conflict and the insecurity and chaos reigning afterwards will rattle many and shock the world’s social and financial systems, and much fear will probably ensue.

This is now a most probable future, but nothing is ever cast in stone, and we can change it if we awaken.

This conflict will culminate with the ultimate and final battle between the dark cloud and our Holy Source.

All of it will occur within the Total Mind of The Holy One, fully aware and active.

This battle will rage within all our hearts for or against the division of The City of One where the One and Only has kept His Holy Light Energy of One anchored in an active format and decided to leave it there forever, never to be passive again.

In that city, the dark cloud has caused major energy ravages and has almost successfully covered the portal of One’s energy, thinking that it can, as it has for eons, survive on the energy of the enslaved children of The One and Only through their little spark of life originating from the inner Jerusalem portal located deep in their spiritual hearts. It knows that that spark multiplied by countless fear-filled entities can provide enough energy for that immense darkness to continue to exist.

I will one day explain and show more.

Know that ALL of this conflict and, as a matter of fact, any and all conflicts, past and present, are and were caused solely by the dark cloud. The One and Only can only desire and reflect who He is which is pure Peace and Joy without any division and separation.

The dark inverted light/cloud only exists at much lower levels of existence and increased separation and knows only of vibratory Creation and vibratory Light based on vibrating the real ether which eludes science and is but pure consciousness. That is how reflective vibratory light is created at our level, by vibrating consciousness. However, the One is far beyond that, because this Creational system and its consciousness is NOT its Real Creator whose Light is Living Light.

It is a fact that the dark has been very aware since 1967 of this third “intrusion” upon its domain by The Light of The Holy One, and has desired to divide again or even risk the destruction of the Holy city, if need be, as that would break almost totally the connecting anchoring point to The One and Only and mainly leave the dark cloud to resort to getting energy from the Children of the IS and the weakened level of Mother Nature.

Many exalted and fanatic individuals, part of extremist religious or political groupings, are perfect agents for that action and are fully engaged in achieving such a division. They are fully obsessed with it in their writings, speeches, and actions, and sometimes, in a perverse way, are even willing to sacrifice their lives for it. They are enamored with the pole of death, and identify with it, and with sacrifice in that name. In fact, they have lost freedom of individual thought, and are possessed by the dark cloud. The hope is that they should remain still, and wonder why they think as they do, and act as they are made to do, and maybe they can still change and awaken. In fact lately, many so–called very normal, moderate, educated, and civilized people have themselves been deeply infiltrated unknowingly and contaminated by the dark Serpentine cloud, and their subconscious minds overtaken, as they also seem to obsess with the division of the Holy City of One.

They need to become conscious of their subconscious mind, and awaken to the dark forces who rule it, and henceforth rebuke them, for they have the power to do so, as they become aware that what they thought were their own thoughts were not their own, but rather implanted thoughts originating from this immense large sea of darkness.

Know that The One and Only has been warning since 2007 (in fact 1991) that if this world, and especially its leaders, long in their heart (because of subconscious mind control by the dark side which they have invited for whatever personal advantage) and hence decide to divide again the Holy City, which the One and Only is claiming openly as His and no one else’s, the consequences to themselves, their constituencies, and in fact all our planet, will be beyond dramatic, and probably in most cases fatal; not by Love’s desire but by fears’ choices and misCreation.

The One and Only has, through this vessel, and maybe through others, sent this very message more and more openly and loudly lately to all of His entities that are part of this Creational experiment, be they manifest as humans, or unmanifest as pure energies. A warning by the One and Only is to be taken very seriously, for unlike the dark cloud, the One and only does not ever deviate an iota from His Word and Promises.

It is my solemn duty and also yours to spread this warning fast and furious, for there is little time left.

The movement of Creation is reversing back into a contraction back to the One and Oneness, and the sole focus must turn around to align with such.

The individual and general warning, as it came yesterday, is as follows: “Either we embrace in our hearts and Soul WHO we are as the Children of the One, and Oneness as unity is all that we want to reflect, and hence we can remain vibrated in Love within the Mind of The One, or we cling to our old subconscious selfish grooves, and accept isolation and division, as long as we find immediate profit from it, and then we shall be no more.”

The Mind has decided to get totally rid, once and for Eternity, of the dark cloud and its followers, be they humans or energies.

This will and must happen soon, so that the new Creation back to One and Oneness is engaged.

Nothing else is more important to the Mind if It wants to avoid further contamination of even Higher Planes of operation much closer to the Light energy and operations of Oneness of the One and Only: the Only and Real Holy of Holies.

In order to achieve such, The One and Only is begging for our co-operation as His children, for we, each and every One of us, can make a major difference in maintaining the survivability of this Creation by allowing it to go through intact the portal of The Inner Golden Sun/Son which will soon be presented to all of us in order to position us onto much higher planes, much closer to the Permanent Presence and Light of The One.

These are planes where night, and darkness, do not exist, and where the entities have higher and more perfected biologies, as had been already pre-programmed in our original DNA, which, although having been purposely altered to reduce life span and induce disease by the dark cloud, will be totally repaired. We will live lives spanning thousands of years, and NO conflict or stress will ever happen to any or between any of us. Fear and harsh judgmental views will totally disappear and only unconditional Love and great Divine Intelligence will prevail.

It is fully our choice. We can try to save a dying creation entering final chaos, and its fear-based failed systems employed by the old dark matrix, or let that dark cloud enslaving us whither out by putting our full faith and concentration on our real Sourcing energy of One.

The One is begging all elements of Creation, both on this plane and all the others, to rejoin Oneness, and accept to enter the full Light of The One and know that they are all welcome, including any element from the dark cloud, if infiltrated by it.

If few accept, as is so sadly the case now, and if so many stay in fear and selfishness, a time will come when He will need to absorb all these. These are not vain words; this is Truth and ultimate Reality having spoken.

That is why the major input of One’s energy anchored and occurring in the, for now, united and reunified Jerusalem, needs to be kept undivided, for if, for political correctness, expedient short-term popular political views, financial and economic expediency, religious obtusity or geo-political reasons, we were to desire to divide The Holy City of One again and relinquish our desire for Divinity In One, the One will start absorbing into Oneness many if not, I am afraid, most of this Creation, short of souls who would have deeply embraced Oneness, and which would remain so-to-speak parked for a little while in regions very close to the Throne of The One, and would then be re-projected into a brand new beautiful world tailor-made for them.

But this Creation would be considered a failure as we could not have saved it and helped it make it alive and transit in whole to the levels of the Ineffable Eternal Living Light, void of darkness and fear.

Sadly enough, the current growing tendency and trend runs counter to letting the Holy city stay united. Because, many, all over the world, and across all spectra, are obsessed with its division and feverishly work for it, and do so in their inner heart, since they lack Inner real Divine Guidance as they stubbornly refuse to connect directly to their inner Jerusalem, where the Holy Still Voice of The One resides, and finally project the concept of Oneness they all carry hidden inside.

The situation is dire and has increasingly become so in the last years. However, there is still a ray of hope and this message is part of it.

Know and understand that the One and Only will remove soon any remaining trace of the dark cloud existing within any level of His Great Mind, for otherwise, He could not achieve His Dream: The original Dream of Zion, who is but the upper Jerusalem where The One IS, His Holy Throne resides as the Holy of Holies, Oneness dwells surrounded by Pure Love and in Pure Love, and fear or pain is non-existent.

Again, let me emphasize and ask you to understand that if you, on an individual basis, feel an uncontrollable desire and obsession to see the Holy City of One divided, this is not your doing, but is originating from a very dark divisive angry program/cloud infiltrating your deep subconscious regions. Please understand that you are but under its mind control program and have become, most of the time unknowingly so, an agent of the dark matrix which has put a cover of dark thoughts over your heart and eyes.

You are not the dark matrix! You are a child of the Divine One, all of you are.

You are all precious, you are all unique, you are all Loved beyond your comprehension.

The One yearns to have you living back in His Mansion.

The One wants you back Home as the prodigal son and daughter.

Please heed the call. Let go of this world bent on inflicting suffering to each other.

Rejoin your brothers and sisters as the One’s Holy family.

There is no judgment for past thoughts or deeds; there shall be no judgment if you accept to go Home.

Do not accept guilt or the idea of judgment and of Divine punishment, for that very idea is what kept most of you in fear and enslavement.

The One is Oneness and Oneness is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. All is forgiven, all is forgotten, when you are within the Oneness.

How can your only Real Divine Parent, who gifted you the Living Light of Life, not forgive or rejoice at seeing you back Home to Itself?

And, as you rejoin the Divine abode of many mansions of the One and Only, you shall realize that this was your ultimate lesson and training befitting only very advanced potential Creators of the One.

Know, because you will have learned so well, as experiencing humans, in the flesh, the dangers and suffering of allowing fear and judgment to enter your Creational Sphere, that soon, one day, as you become a full-fledged Creator with the One’s blessings, your Creations will most likely never reflect tendencies opposed to The One, but always reflect tendencies of Oneness, Beauty and Perfection in Joy; and fear shall never tempt you again.

You would be mighty proud and thankful to have listened and learned, and to have been fetched out and saved from the old matrix/Creation ruled by the dark cloud which is no more. For the only possible real Savior there was, Is, and will ever be is The One and Only Himself, coming down from His Throne, and entering Creation in order to save His beloved Children and Creations.

Please realize that any and all of you can and need to awaken, before the final shift is engaged in the Portal of One.

Please understand and spread to your leaders that The Holy City Of One: Jerusalem, needs to be soon solemnly gifted by all the inhabitants of this beautiful blue planet as an offering of thanksgiving for the gift of Life and Creation as we extend Full Loving recognition to our common Source: The One, and that Oneness should prevail in and around Jerusalem and become an example to the rest of the world.

This would totally eradicate the dark cloud and intents of violence from its walls, and then the walls would fall and the city be proclaimed the open City of One, as The Light of Oneness would then manifest Itself both there, in the Holy City, and within your inner Jerusalem, in your changed hearts and being, glowing day and night: The Real Living Eternal Light of The One. And the IS would rejoice deeply in the knowledge that He has saved most, if not all, of His children: the children of The IS – the children of ISraEL, from the grip and enslavement of the dark cloud which used them for its own purpose and cared not for their sake. You are all the Divine children of ISraEL! Let no one tell you otherwise! And know that the Holy redemption onto Oneness will start around that country named after the Holy Sacred Name of the One.

And thenceforth the Permanent Light of the One will start spreading all over this globe.

This is the Original Dream and Plan of The One. This is the Dream and Reality which we could have entered long ago, but must do so now for our own sake, our descendants’ sakes, and the sake of Oneness. We MUST take a stand and call upon real freedom and help from the One!

Please spread this knowledge, especially amongst the ones who have some control over events and decisions.

Please let me underscore again that my attempt to elucidate the meaning of the last message from The One and Only has nothing to do with right or wrong, or any religious affiliation, belief system, racial or national pride, or belief or not in a certain Creator This tries to transcend all and can be found at the core Truth of all writings, for, within all the dark stories influenced by the dark cloud or altered by it, be they spiritual or scientific ones, still lies a speck core of Truth, for we, who helped write them, all originate from the Light of Truth and know It, albeit very faintly so, and in remote subconscious memories.

I apologize for this lengthy communication, but it needed to come out, for time is pressing, so that we understand, and then hopefully and powerfully change and prepare.

I love you all deeply, without exception.

Happy and blessed 2012!

The Great Shift is on, rejoice!

Gerald O’Donnell

Academy of Remote Viewing and remote Influencing




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